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F. ANN RODRIGUEZ, RECORDER <br />RECORDED BY: SGP ��op PJAF <br />DEPUTY RECORDER <br />SMA <br />p� 1456 PEI �w� 06 <br />SMA.RA W'4 <br />TOWN OF MARANA <br />ATTN: TOWN CLERK 'RIZ[?l�' <br />11555 W CIVIC CENTER DR <br />MARANA AZ 85653 <br />DOCKET: 12571 <br />PAGE: 2703 <br />NO. OF PAGES: 6 <br />SEQUENCE: 20051120588 <br />06/10/2005 <br />ORDIN 15:57 <br />MAIL <br />AMOUNT PAID $ 8.50 <br />RE-RECORD DUE TO SCRIVENER'S ERROR <br />Marana Ordinance No. 2005.09 is being re-recorded due to a <br />scrivener's error. Exhibit A was unintentionally left out when the <br />ordinance was originally recorded at Docket 12502 Page 1968; it is <br />being re-recorded for the sole purpose of including Exhibit A. <br />SECTION 7 OF ORDINANCE 2005.09 <br />IS: <br />Include the language: "as depicted on Exhibit W attached hereto and <br />incorporated herein by this reference," <br />WAS: <br />Omitted due to Scrivener's Error <br />EXHIBIT A <br />IS <br />Included <br />Was <br />Omitted due to Scrivener's Error <br />I <br />2 <br />9 <br />7 <br />2 <br />7 <br />