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F. ANN RADRIGUEZ, RECORDER <br />Recorded By: KMS <br />DEPUTY RECORDER <br />4935 <br />SMARM <br />TOWN OF MARANA <br />PICKUP <br />SEQUENCE: <br />NO. PACES: <br />URI) IN <br />PICK UP <br />AMOUNT PAID: <br />MARANA ORDINANCE NO. 201 4.025 <br />20142960185 <br />4 <br />10/23/2014 <br />13:58 <br />$7.00 <br />RELATING TO DEVELOPMENT; APPROVING A REZONING OF APPROXIMATELY 92 <br />ACLS OF LAND LOCATED ON BOTH THE NORTHEAST AND NORTHWEST <br />CORNERS OF INA AND SILVERBELL ROAD ONE MILE WEST OF INTERSTATE 10, <br />WEST OF THE SANTA CRUZ RIVER, FROM `ZONE A - SMALL LOT,' `ZONE E — <br />TRANSPORTATION CORRIDOR,' `LI — LIGHT INDUSTRIAL,' `NC — NEIGHBORHOOD <br />COMMERCIAL,' `VC - VILLAGE COMMERCIAL,' `R-6 RESIDENTIAL,' `R-10 <br />RESIDENTIAL,' AND `R-36 RESIDENTIAL' TO `F' SPECIFIC PLAN FOR THE PURPOSE <br />OF CREATING THE SILVERBELL GATEWAY SPECIFIC PLAN; AND APPROVING A <br />MINOR AMENDMENT TO THE GENERAL PLAN <br />WHEREAS Shetland Properties Company, LLC, Prestwick Properties, LLC and <br />Doornoch Properties, LLC, (the "Property Owners") collectively own approximately 92 acres of <br />property located on both the northeast and northwest corners of Ina and Silverbell Road one mile <br />west of Interstate 10, west of the Santa Cruz River, within a portion of the South half of Section <br />3 5, Township 12 South, Range 12 East, as described in Exhibit "A" attached to and incorporated <br />in this ordinance by this reference (the "Rezoning Area"); and <br />WHEREAS the Property Owners have authorized The Planning Center (the <br />"Applicants") to submit an application to rezone the 92 acres from gone A - Small Lot', gone <br />E — Transportation Corridor', `LI — Light Industrial', `NC — Neighborhood Commercial', `VC - <br />Village Commercial', `R-6 Residential', `R-10 Residential', and `R-36 Residential' to `F' <br />(Specific Plan) ("this Rezoning"); and <br />WHEREAS, the Marana Planning Commission held a public hearing on September 24, <br />2014 to consider an application to rezone the Rezoning Area to `F' and voted unanimously (6-0 <br />with one Vacant commission seat) to recommend that the Town Council approve this Rezoning; <br />and, <br />WHEREAS, the Marana Mayor and Town Council held a public hearing on October 21, <br />2014 and determined that the application for rezoning should be approved. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Mayor and Council of the Town of <br />Marana, Arizona, as follows: <br />Section 1. The zoning of the Rezoning Area is hereby changed from `Zone A - Small <br />Lot,' `Zane E --- Transportation Corridor,' `LI — Light Industrial,' `NC — Neighborhood <br />Commercial,' `VC - Village Commercial,' `R-6 Residential,' `R-10 Residential,' and `R-36 <br />Residential' to `F' Specific Plan, creating the Silverbell Gateway Specific Plan. <br />Section 2. A minor amendment to the General Plan is hereby approved, changing the <br />