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THE <br />PLANNING <br />CENTER <br />950 N. FINANCE CENTER DR <br />SUITE 210 <br />TUCSON, AZ 85710 <br />(602) 623-6146 <br />MEMORANDUM <br />August 14, 1991 <br />D <br />AUG 15 1991 <br />GLHN <br />ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS, INC. <br />TO: Mayor and Council of the Town of Marana. <br />FROM: Mike Grassinger Xz& <br />SUBJECT: Ironwood Specific Plan <br />The attached pages include changes to the Specific Plan as a result of the <br />revised drainage concept for Waste Management's Ironwood facility. The <br />changes in the text are underlined for your convenience. The exhibits have all <br />been changed to show the extended conveyance channel along the eastern <br />boundary. <br />Please replace the appropriate pages in your current copy of the Specific Plan <br />• Planning & Research with these pages. In addition, a new Appendix H is included, which contains <br />• Computer services & GIS' the more detailed description of the conceptual hydrology plan. Place this <br />• Environmental Studies document at the very end of the plan booklet. <br />• Governmental Services <br />& Policy Planning 'These changes reflect the revised description of the plan and commitments <br />• Landscape Architecture made during the August 5 public hearing. Please call if you need any other <br />• Resource Management information or have questions. <br />• Urban Design <br />cc: Roy Laos <br />Chuck Dinauer <br />Morgan Johnson <br />Offices in: <br />Newport Beach, CA <br />Bakersfield, CA <br />Hesperia, CA <br />Sacramento, CA <br />Phoenix, AZ <br />Tucson, AZ <br />