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Operations Plan <br />:;5 Pima CountyPassive Water Harvesting Techniques <br />Facility Design <br />Parkin <br />Ion. <br />Permitted Uses Sale of Reeycled Materials Circulation rD <br />Stormwater Basins Specific Plan Land Use Concept Plan <br />Arizona Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit <br />ei d o Surf ace Water and Evaporation Basins/Retention <br />o E5 Natural Feature Preservation <br />Convenient M Marang General Plan <br />rD <br />Anspection Areas Solar EnerBuffering , � Energy <br />Town of Marano - �Solid...Waste <br />Recycling Operations & Facilities � � cD p <br />Scale House�20 <br />9 Qn <br />Develo went Capabilityp <br />rD Leachate Collection and RemovalSystem Disposal Area <br />Tasteste Permittin " o Screenin <br />Sheds and AccessoryStructures <br />Native Vegetation = Pima County Flood Regulations <br />• • •InitiativeN Arizona Revised Statutes <br />Sustainability <br />Desert Scrub Sppecies <br />Grandfathered Irrigation Rights rD M c r r � � � � � Wash Protection <br />Permitted Uses � � � �� � <br />Location Criteria c-� �, o Circulation = rD �eosynthetic Clay Liner <br />Natural Open Space �- C'on''� rD Environmental Protection Agency <br />Design Standards r° Drop-off Bins <br />rD <br />Native Plant Protection t- -C-:1Community <br />Prevent Wildcat Dum in ' c Recyclin <br />p g �.. Seedin <br />PhasingrD <br />Management <br />Renewable EnergyLiner S stem 1-1 � <br />y Proposed Improvements CM, Collection <br />Resource Recovery Area.. <br />S= � � <br />Federal Regulations yard Waste Com p osting �D 1--Z"-Zcon <br />� ' <br />rD <br />Specific Plan privatized Services <br />o � <br />Erosion Minimization PIantan <br />� �-- rD, Landscape Plan <br />Gas Monitoring Development Re Mations <br />Developmental Regulations <br />Promote Conservation and Efficient Use of Services Maintenance and Administration Buildings p g <br />Indigenous Species Environmental Compliance Access Road Site Analysis <br />• • � Disposal Area <br />Solid Waste Disposal Services Accessible Specific Plan Desert <br />Construction and Demoliti Material Processing and Recycling <br />p <br />Site Analyse <br />`c go Litter Control Disposal Area <br />b --d - Onlit Control circulation Buffering <br />Marana <br />rD <br />Site Analysis Town of Marana <br />State Regulations <br />LightingPrD r t t 1 � Green Building Construction Community Individual Landt'i'llSolid Waste Facility FlanEnvironmental Public Drop off Areas <br />e onal <br />Units <br />Diesel FacilitiesPopulation� � �. growth <br />Lan <br />dfill <br />Arizona Registered Professional Engineer-= U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service <br />Trico Road <br />High Density Polyethylene Liner 1*�Z r j j j - - <br />. � � _� � Solar Energy Wash Preservation <br />Site Plan �- • • <br />O=kEast Branch Braw'leyWash <br />Sp <br />eci lc Plan <br />Hydrology <br />Site Analysis Seeding <br />Renewable Energy Generahui, <br />Technical Research Grading and Drainage Plans <br />Mayor & CounciApprovalLandfill Ga=s Control Facilities Development Plan <br />Landfill Gas -to -Energy Facilities or Other r�,,�,�„�„.,TO <br />"llitie5 November 3, 2010 <br />Disposal Operationshas Re enerat�on <br />�PCZ0009057TriAn l_ _ancz, '�ffc aTHE PLANNINGCENTER <br />Sustainability Initiative C070 <br />o division of TPC Group, Inc. <br />