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F. ANN RODRIGUEZ, RECORDER <br />Recorded By: LW <br />DEPUTY RECORDER <br />41 <br />SMARA <br />TOWN OF MARANA <br />PICKUP <br />SEQUENCE: <br />NO. PAGES: <br />ORDIN <br />PICK UP <br />AMOUNT PAID: <br />MARANA ORDINANCE NO. 2014.015 <br />20141430188 <br />5 <br />05/23/2014 <br />12:45 <br />RELATING TO DEVELOPMENT; APPROVING A REZONING OF APPROXIMATELY 117 <br />ACRES OF LAND LOCATED SOUTH OF TANGERINE ROAD AND WEST OF CAMINO <br />DE "OESTE FROM `R-36' (RESIDENTIAL) TO `F' (SPECIFIC PLAN) FOR THE PURPOSE <br />OF CREATING THE TANGERINE RIDGE SPECIFIC PLAN AND APPROVING A MINOR <br />AMENDMENT TO THE GENERAL PLAN <br />WHEREAS Sharpe and .Associates (the "Property Owners") own approximately 117 <br />acres of property located south of Tangerine Road and west of Camino de Oeste within a portion <br />of Section 1, Township 12 South, Range 12 East, described and depicted on Exhibit "A" attached <br />to andincorporated in this Ordinance by this reference (the "Rezoning Area"); and <br />WHEREAS the Property Owners have submitted an application to rezone the 117 acres <br />from `R-36' to `F' (Specific Plan) ("this Rezoning"); and <br />WHEREAS the Marana Planning Commission held a public hearing on April 30, 2014 <br />and voted 6-0 -to recommend that the Town Council approve this Rezoning with an amendment <br />to restrict lots 1 through 7, 28 through 35, and 69 and 70 to single -story residences not to exceed <br />25 feet in height; and <br />WHEREAS the Marana Mayor and Town Council held a public hearing on May 20, 2014 <br />and determined that this Rezoning should be approved, with the single -story restrictions <br />recommended by the Marana Planning Commission and additional single -story restrictions <br />added by Council. <br />$7.00 <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Mayor and Council of the Town of <br />Marana, Arizona, as follows: <br />Section 1.The zoning of the Rezoning Area is hereby changed from `R-36' (Residential) <br />to `F:' (Specific Plan) creating the Tangerine Ridge Specific Plan. <br />Section 2. A minor amendment to the Town of Marana General Plan is hereby approved, <br />changing the General Plan designation of the Rezoning Area from Low Density Residential <br />(LDR) to Master Planning Area (MPA). <br />Section 3. This Rezoning is subject to the following conditions, the violation of which <br />shall be treated in the same manner as a violation of the Town of Marana Land Development <br />Code (but which shall not cause a reversion of this Rezoning), and which shall be binding on the <br />Property Owners and their successors in interest (all of whom are collectively included in the <br />term "Property Owners" in the following conditions): <br />1. Compliance with all provisions of the Town's codes, ordinances and policies of the General <br />Plan as current at the time of any subsequent development, including, but not limited to, <br />requirements for public improvements. <br />Ordinance No. 2014-015 - 1 - 5/13/2014 4:01 PM JR/FC <br />Pag2' 1 of 5 <br />0611 014 7:34 AM <br />