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MARANA <br />/I\ <br />TOWN OF MARANA <br />MEMORANDUM <br />TO: Mike Hein, Town Manager <br />FROM: Joel Shapiro, Planning Director ds <br />DATE: July 26, 2000 <br />RE: Dove Mountain Specific Plan <br />I am submitting for your review and acceptance a copy of the Dove Mountain Specific Plan as <br />amended by Ordinance 2000.04 adopted March 28, 2000. <br />As is customary, upon approval of the amendments, the applicant is required to submit a completely <br />revised Specific Plan incorporating the approved amendments, and other minor revisions, including <br />typographical corrections to clean up the plan. Staff has reviewed the revised document to verify that <br />the necessary changes have been made and that no unauthorized changes have been included in the <br />document. I am satisfied that the attached document accurately represents the original adopted <br />Specific Plan amended as outlined in Ordinance 2000.04. <br />If you have any questions regarding the attached plan, or need any further information, please call me. <br />Accepted <br />Michael Hein, Town Manager <br />